Welcome to TUFT What We Are About
The TUFT Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping eradicate cancer and lessen the suffering of its victims and their families through financial support. TUFT was formed to remember and honor friends and family who have been stricken by cancer -- those who have survived and those whose lives were lost. Fifty percent of the proceeds raised from fund-raising activities are donated to the American Cancer Society. The remaining funds are given to individuals through grants in hope that it will help ease their burdens.

The Foundation began as the Tee Up For Timmy (TUFT) Memorial Golf Outing. Its goal was to celebrate the life of Tim Holevas who lost a courageous battle against cancer in 1994. Like many cancer victims, Tim endured numerous hospitalizations, myriad medication changes, remissions, reoccurrences, and the overwhelming upheaval to his life that this disease exacts. Throughout the long battle, Tim struggled to maintain a "normal" life. He remained committed to a close-knit group of friends, without whose support, he would never have lived such a vital and rewarding life. When Tim lost his battle, it was this group of friends who joined together to honor and celebrate his contributions to their lives through the Tee Up For Timmy Memorial Golf Outing.

Since the first golf outing in 1994, TUFT has expanded beyond Tim's friends and family and the golf event. The Foundations hosts several events each year to raise funds for its efforts. Unfortunately, cancer touches everyone TUFT events provide vehicles for people to contribute to the fight against the disease, while remembering and honoring those close to them who have fallen victim to cancer. The TUFT family has grown considerably including many individuals who never had the chance to meet Tim, but whose generosity and spirit mirror his own.

In 2001, TUFT distributed it first grants to individuals stricken with cancer. The recipients are nominated by TUFT family members and selections are determined by the Foundation's board of directors. Grants are given without restrictions. The Foundation's hope is that the money will be used to better the lives of grant recipients, whether that's paying off bills, getting the car fixed, hiring a cleaning service, or taking a vacation.

If you would like to know more about the TUFT Foundation, would like to participate in one of our events, or have information about a grant nominee, contact us at